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Make it Custom

Confetti Collection Toys can be completely customized with your favorite color combinations. Feeling patriotic? Proud of your sorority / magical boarding school / gay ball house colors? Now you can immortalize them in silicone.

Summer Sweatshirts Love You Back

Designed after the effortless, faded grey uniform of summers past. They’re meant to make you want to skip that trip to the lake, stay inside, and put on nothin’ but your boat shoes. You have boat shoes, don’t you?

Custom Clitorati

Shine bright like a freaking confident ice queen when you add holographic glitter.  Fancy another color? Use the contact form and we can mix it up for you. We just want your to sparkle like the rainbow you are. 

Good Sex Starts By Making It All About You

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We want you to be happier in all things sex and shopping.  If you’re not, we’re happy to make it right.


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