The “sex is fun” philosophy

I’m Jessica.  Kefi started when I thought, hey, why aren’t there little alphabet letters of your lover’s name and plastic palm trees in dildos, like soap?  Why can’t I get sponge pills inside mine that turn into giraffes?  Why can’t I get snow globes full of sage and sprinkles?

Well, back when I first thought about this, you had to convey these ideas to Chinese factories.  They made prototypes, you ordered thousands, and then apparently you walked from store to store like Willie Loman trying to convince others that palm trees were an awesome idea.  There was a large upfront investment and a steep learning curve. There was also no room for customization, which sucks.  

It also turns out people don’t like putting plastic junk anywhere near their mucous membranes.  Fair enough.

Kefi still wants to make sex toys fun and unique..  We believe in cotton candy sprinkle unicorn parties and as much glitter as humanly possible.  We’re convinced there’s room for sprinkles, yet. We have two core beliefs: sex should always be fun and one of a kind.  

Our toys reflect that.

Body safe can be gorgeous

In spite of our desire to pack ounces and ounces of festival glitter into each and every dildo, I’m concerned about the safety of cosmetic products even when they’re FDA/EU approved.  

Glitter’s perpetually not allowed in any cosmetics.  Yeah, we notice that’s sort of a grey area at the local makeup store, too. Our festival glitters were designed to be cosmetic grade even when they’re the “big” or “hex” glitters.  They’re allowed near eyes and the EU is ok with that.

Yet aluminum’s even allowed in the U.S. according the the FDA, and it’s the only way to get holographic effects.  “What the heck?” you may ask — and you’d be right to question.

I use these products knowing that, like powder mica colors, they’re fully encapsulated in the medical/special effects grade silicone and should not touch the body at all.

We believe fun sex can be body safe and we LOVE to talk about heavy metals.  If you have concerns, we’ll bend over backwards to find answers.  

We pledge that in our search for fun materials, we’re triple checking safety and searching for the safest stuff available.

Hey. I’m Jessica.

I’m a cis/woman Ph.D. sexuality professor turned writer and glitter purveyor.  My daughter calls me “gay alumni” and I dig that even though I don’t believe we ever graduate from queer — and queer’s a great place to settle down forever no matter who you’re dating.  I believe everyone’s awesome and weird is amazing.  

I love cereal, candy, ramen, the Asian grocery store, and perfectionism.

Drop me a line if there’s a way we can work together to continue making sex more fun and unique.