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BodySafe Questions

What kind of silicone to you use?

Platinum silicone is toxically and biologically inert — it won’t kill cells and it won’t off-gas anything onto the cells it touches.  That’s why it is FDA certified and considered skin safe and food safe. 

We’re super into a fairly hard, shore 30 silicone, specially formulated for the special effects industry. I always think my batch is proud to have escaped a life as someone’s alien mask in order to give you pleasure — a higher purpose, surely.

Confetti is made out of the same platinum silicone.  

Micas: Are all cosmetic-grade and used for cosmetic and soap applications, so this stuff is used to being near people’s eyes and lips and mucous membranes.  

Glitters:  The glitters I use are approved for this use by the FDA/EU and are sold for cosmetic use to be used at festivals on and near the eyes.  Because it’s all encapsulated by non-porous silicone, I believe this is cool.  Ask me anything and do your own research so you can feel comfortable with the materials that you make love to.  

What do i do about cleaning my toy?

Silicone can be boiled (like corn!) or put in the dishwasher to sterilize.  Because it’s nonporous, this means silicone toys are the most sharable.  You can also just wash your toy by hand with a little dish soap.

This is the send-off your toy gets before it comes home to you.  If you experience any irritation, washing with a soap that doesn’t irritate you is a simple fix.

Silicone collects lint like crazy.  You can keep your toy cleanest in a box or custom bag.

What about lube?

Silicone will break down over time with a silicone-based lube.  Stick to water-based to keep the toy nicer, longer.

Do you mold custom toys?

Heck, no.  It’s just way too much time and money to do a toy from scratch, make a mold of it, and pour the mold. We try to make new color combinations completely custom.  If you’re looking for a custom color, glitter, or confetti combination, you’re in luck.  Contact us.  

Can you customize what goes inside a toy?

Yes and no.  Even small, silicone bits and pieces that don’t protrude through the silicone often don’t show up very well.  If you have a customization, contact us and we’ll talk about whether it’s doable.

Custom Toys


What if a toy is faulty?

Toys are washed, trimmed, and sanded by hand and we catch large external bubbles before they go out the door.  If you find an imperfection that affects use, email and we’ll make it right! We guarantee our products will not have surface bubbles or faults that make the product unusable.

Even if it’s not faulty and you change your mind, unopened and unused with sealed packaging toys can be returned for a refund within 30 days.  You’ll be responsible for return shipping.

Opened and used items can’t be returned because, well, sex toys.  Sorry!  

Can I cancel an order?

Yup! Within 24 hours.  Email with your order information and the reason and we’ll cancel your order and return your payment.  If an order is shipped, we can’t cancel it, but you can return an uused and unopened product for a refund (minus shipping fees).

How long does shipping take?

We make orders individually and when they’re ordered.  It means you get a one-of-a-kind, non-batched, art object.  We commit to getting orders on their way to you within 7 days.  We ship domestically using Priority flat rate boxes.  They’re plain, discrete, and fast.  Internationally, we ship in plain and discrete boxes, too, but can’t be responsible for products getting hekd up in customs or additional customs fees incurred.  

Be sure to check with customs in your country.  

Also be sure to check your mailing address.  We send your order where you tell us to.  We’ll send you a tracking number and keep you posted about your product leaving the studio, what’s included in the package, where its headed, and who to contact to check on it once it leaves our hands.  

What’s the privacy policy?

The strictest.  Your name and order information will be included in a packing slip inside your order and will otherwise never leave our studio.  We disclose customer information only when subpoenaed for legal purposes. Your info is only used to help us process and ship your order.  We use email to confirm your order and send you updates about your order.  We do not ever give/sell your information to third parties.

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